Cream cheese penguin appetizers

Cream cheese penguin appetizers
Recipe type: Appetizer
  • Cream cheese
  • Large and small black olives
  • Carrot, cut into discs
  1. Make the carrot into feet and a beak
  2. Start by slicing a round off the carrot. Then, cut a wedge into that slice, about ¼ of the slice.
  3. The slice becomes the feet, or base of the penguin. The little wedge, then, can be cut even smaller to make the beak and the beak is put into the small olive. I found it easiest to make a small cut in the side of the olive. Then, push the carrot beak into that.
  4. Give your penguin a tuxedo
  5. For the jumbo olives, cut a wedge in the side, then insert about a teaspoon of cream cheese into the wedge. For this delicate chore, I experimented with different tools, starting with a cheese knife, then, a small knife and then a spoon, but none of them did the trick.
  6. So, I went in a different direction spooning some cream cheese into a sandwich bag and snipping off a corner. Then, like a cake decorator, I squeezed cream cheese into the olive wedge cuts and – so much easier! I even squirted some into the small olive heads.
  7. Put the Cream Cheese Penguins together
  8. The last step is assembly. At first, I tried regular toothpicks. But they’re just barely long enough. Instead, I used bamboo picks, which are 3 ½ inches long and have the little decorative curly-cue at the top. They make these visual treats much easier to pick up.