Big Messy Man

A bunch of stuff.

What is this place,anyway?

Stuff you can get to from here. All links open in a new window.

Chapbook. Primarily a small library of how-tos, code snippets; also general miscellany.

Big Messy Recipes. Online recipe box. Used frequently.

Photo Albums, v2. Updated regularly. Requires a login; email me if you'd like access.

Stream our music library. Also updated regularly, also requires a login; email me if you'd like access.

Elsewhere, written by RLB or LCB; items with no link are in development:

The HyperLibrary. Full-featured music library application.

My Boss Said This. A place for anonymous quoting.

MySQL Remote. RLB's consulting practice.

House of Byrd cloud services. More stuff. Password required.

Tiny Lunatic Productions. LCB's production company.

Avian Editions. RLB's arrangements, orchestrations, and compositions for purchase.